Avengers: The Next Generation

When the world has gone to ruins, heroes are no more and the evil rise once more. There is only one team of heroes capable of avenging the fallen.
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 Kris Youngblood

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Kris Youngblood

Kris Youngblood

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General Information (Personal)
Name: Kris Youngblood
Species: Homo Superior
Gender Identity: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Pacific Islander
Date of Birth: 8/3/2021
Birthplace: Maui, Hawaii

General Information (Public Relation)
Affiliation: The X-Men
Alias(es): N/A

Physical Characteristics
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 122 lbs
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark Brown
Body type: Ectomorph

Powers and Abilities
Main Mutation: Machine Manifestation - Kris is able to generate a variety of machinery to attach to her body for uses of offense, defense, and transportation.
-Technopathy - Kris is able to "communicate" with machines, having them do what she asks as long as she physically touches the machines.
-Normal attacks (weaponry; bullets, swords, etc.) can harm Kris.
-An overcharge of electricity can overpower Kris.

-While weakened, she cannot generate machines, subsequently having them fall into scraps.
-A.I.'s cannot be talked to through Kris' technopathy.
Possible Development:
-Stronger machine constructs.

History: Kris was born into an anti-mutant family, who discouraged her to spend time with any mutant, or at least report them to the police if she were to sight one. Knowing this, she proceeded on with life. At high-school, she met Colin Wagner, boyfriend then and now. Mysteriously, he disappeared. Soon after, her powers adapted and her parents shunned her. Kris was forced to live on the streets of the island, alone and full of resentment. The X-Men spotted her on a trip to Hawaii, and took her in kindly. She grew to bond with the X-Men, happily. She met Colin once more in her time with the X-Men, where, after much fighting and discussion, began a relationship once more. Years after, she and Colin eloped and happily live their lives with the X-Men.
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Kris Youngblood
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