Avengers: The Next Generation

When the world has gone to ruins, heroes are no more and the evil rise once more. There is only one team of heroes capable of avenging the fallen.
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 Devin Clark

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PostSubject: Devin Clark   Wed Aug 13, 2014 9:03 pm

Real Name:Devin Clark
Hero Title:Devin
Abilities: Crystal Manipulation
Weapons (Can have none):
Race (Human, Alien, ETC):Human
Affiliation (Teams):Avengers

Birth Date:12/9/94

Personality:Silly, Playful, and kindhearted.
Face Claim (Optional):
Theme Song (Optional):

Backstory:Devin grew up without parents, through her entire life she was moved from foster home to foster home. As a child she would cry and think about why her parents didn't want her but, she decided to stop making herself depressed and be happy for being happy for some place she could go to. At the age of 14, Amy noticed that there was something off about her, she would start seeing this mist around her. One day she started to look into it and saw that she could cause fog! She also noticed how the fog made it hard for others to breathe. A year or so passed and she noticed the alarming amount of catostrophe cause by "villains" in other places. By the time she was 20 she had heard of this group called the avengers and decided that she would try to join them. They accepted her and from that day forth she was an avenger.

Extras (Optional):
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Devin Clark
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