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When the world has gone to ruins, heroes are no more and the evil rise once more. There is only one team of heroes capable of avenging the fallen.
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 Jacob Stark

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Jacob Stark
Jacob Stark

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Name: Jacob Anthony Stark
Hero Title: Toxin (Formerly Iron Recon)

Physical Abilities: Super soldier-like strength and speed, agility and acrobatics. Master at hand to hand combat and martial arts. Very smart at tactical approaches.
Other Abilities: Jacob is the host of the newly controlled Toxin Symbiote, it gives him extra speed, endurance, durability, and strength.
Main Weapons: Black 'Super' Belt, A metallic bo-staff in remembrance of his SHIELD Sidekick "Ace", grapple hooks attached to the belt.
Other Weapons: The Stark techpad, which is programmed into his gloves. He uses this to contact people. It also has the Iron Wonder suits programmed into it's wiring, which he only uses the suit as a last resort weapon.
Jacob Stark Stark10
(The Official Suit for Toxin in Earth-9285)
(Normal w/out Shades, Normal w/ Shades, Stealth w/out shades, Stealth w/ shades, Tactical, Tactical w/hood)
Jacob Stark Yuh210
(Iron Recon Armor Hall in Earth-9285)
(MK I "Recon", MK II "Genesis", MK III "Be a Stark", MK IV "Finale" [Introduced in Final Phase])

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Main Affiliations: Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D
Other Affiliations: X-Men (Ally), Guardians of the Galaxy (Ally)
Shield Code-name: "Fearless Fighter"
Birthplace: Malibu, California
Birth Date: 6/13/2020
Age: 20-21

Personality: Intelligent, Loyal, Wise, and Humorous on occasion. Jacob treats everyone fairly and has even show mercy to those he fights against, villain or not.
Fatal Flaw: His own personal fears and doubts in himself failing his family, friends, and peers.

Face Claim (Optional): Josh Hutcherson
Relationship status: Currently single
Status: Active (Alive)

Father: Anthony "Tony" Stark (Deceased)
Mother: Virginia "Pepper" Potts
Siblings: Jason Stark (Brother/Deceased), Steven Clark (Cloned Brother/Permanently Deceased at the end of Phase 6), Stephanie Anderson (Adopted Sister/Location Unknown)
Girlfriend: None at the moment
Best Friends: Trent Washington, Chris Connors, Jenny Treveney, Noelle Cruze, Ken Barton
Children (Future): ?
Grandchildren (Future): Samantha N. Stark

~A~ Villains: Phantom, Catacylsm, Omnipotence, The Puppeteer, The Furious Five,
Solo Hero Villains: Iron Behemoth (Genetic), Poison, Deathtrap, Poltergeist, Jinketsu, Jürgen "The Machine" Schmidt, William Stane, Poltergeist,

Theme Song:
Toxin's Primary Theme Song: If Today was your Last Day by Nickelback

(Outdated, I will revise once the Phase roleplays are completed)
7 years after the events of Iron Man 3, Tony Stark was finally settling down with his family, which included his wife, and his two sons. Super Villains weren't a threat to the world. Those times lasted for 10 more years, until S.H.I.E.L.D required his assistance again. Director Nick Fury had sent most of the agents into Afghanistan where most of the threats in the world were coming from, He had wanted Tony to become Iron Man again and help the army with these terrorists. Agreeing to this message, Tony had taken his family into Afghanistan and had been taken care of by the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury required Tony to build several Iron Man like armors for the agents to head into battle. Tony agreed and went to work on the suits. Inside the camps, Tony's son Jacob, had met another kid that was about his age and seemed to be really nice, his name was Trent Washington, Who's father was also helping S.H.I.E.L.D. Jacob and Trent went on to become very close friends during that time. But one day, Tony took one of the Iron Man armors he built into battle, But somehow, A Terrorist went on to disarm his armor, And kill him. Trent had watched General Roberts tell Jacob and Jason about their father's death. Feeling out of place, Jacob walked into his father's workshop and found a little watch sitting on the table, he recongized the watch and figured out that it was the latest suit that his father made, able to morph around any body type and function properly. Jacob had put the watch on and went out to General Anderson, asking him to killed his father, Only to leave him in the dust and walked out of the camp to go face his father's killer. Finding his killer in an abandoned warehouse, Jacob had confronted the killer but gave him a heart attack, thinking that it was Iron Man back from the dead. After the army had chased him out of Afghanistan, Jacob was living with his friend Trent, Who had went alongside him during the whole time. Never using the Iron suit for a few more years, until he was 14. One of the terrorists from Afghanistan was terrorizing the city. Jacob decided to use the suit one last time and went out after the terrorists. Managing to stop them, Jacob was seen throughout the nation as a hero. As the "New Iron Man", S.H.I.E.L.D had recruited Jacob onto the team at the young age of 15. Finding out Jacob's hidden abilities, He had sent him onto a Special S.H.I.E.L.D squad led by the hero known as "Toxin". Not knowing that he would take this name in honor of his first mentor, Jacob was pleased to be apart of the team.
Several years had passed, many heroes lives were lost, and many new ones were born. Jacob had taken over the role of Toxin at the age of 18 and was declared as leader of the ~Avengers~, A new tactical force that was a more modern day version of the regular Avengers, the team that his father was apart of. Jacob and the ~Avengers~ have taken on many different villains in their day, including Alien threats known as the symbiotes, And have even faced the death of the human race itself. Always coming out on top, The ~Avengers~ each have their own story, each with sad and happy moments. They were all brought together, and as Jacob leads them on for the new day, he will always be inspired by the old heroes that made him the way he is today.

Motto: "The day will come when there are no heroes, that day is not today, nor yesterday, and not going to be tomorrow."
 - Jacob Stark" />
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Jacob Stark
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