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When the world has gone to ruins, heroes are no more and the evil rise once more. There is only one team of heroes capable of avenging the fallen.
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 The Puppeteer

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Jacob Stark

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PostSubject: The Puppeteer   Tue May 13, 2014 7:39 pm

Name: Unknown to the public.
Villain Title: The Puppeteer
Abilities: Able to take control of a desired target and play with their actions, like a puppet master to put it simply.
Weapons: His cane and his own, creative mind
Gender: Male
Race (Human, Alien, ETC): Human
Affiliation (Teams):
Affiliation (People):  

Main nemesis in The Avengers:  
Why that hero is their nemesis:

Birth Date: March 14th
Age: 26

Personality: Unpredictable, psychotic, and sadistic. The Puppeteer likes to trick around with his victims before killing them in sadistic ways.
Fatal Flaw:

Face Claim (Optional): No Face claim at the moment
Relationship status: Unknown
Status: Active

Theme Song:
The Puppeteer's Theme Song: ? by ?

To be written
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The Puppeteer
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